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Discover the transformative power of reflecting on the Final Judgment. Thomas à Kempis encourages deep meditation on this pivotal event, guiding us towards repentance and conversion. Prepare now to be counted among the Blessed.

A Reflection On The Final Judgment

Reflection on the Final Judgment is a valuable practice for stirring the soul to true repentance and conversion. Here, Thomas à Kempis urges the soul to meditate frequently on the last judgment and prepare accordingly so that when it comes, we may be counted among the Blessed.

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Discover the profound truth about Christ's presence in our lives as pilgrims and exiles. Explore how He is with us now, yet fully revealed only after this earthly journey.

Christ Is With Us Always

Christ is indeed present to us now, but in a manner which is congruent with our current state of existence as pilgrims and exiles. For it is only after this earthly life has ended that we shall see Him fully, as He really is. Christ is always present to us, but not always in the same way.

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Take Up Thy Cross

The Imitation of Christ and its author, Thomas à Kempis, need no introduction. Said to have made more saints than any book after the Bible,

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Christ the Beloved

Christ: MY SON, thou art not as yet a valiant and prudent lover. Disciple: Why, O Lord? Christ: Because thou fallest off from what thou

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To Be Heard With Humility

Christ: MY SON, hear My words, words most sweet, exceeding all the learning of the philosophers and of the wise men of this world. My words are spirit and life (John 6:69), and not to be estimated by the sense of man. They are not intended to gratify a vain self-complacency, but are to be heard in silence and received with all humility and great affection.

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The Final Judgment

My friend, reflect next upon how much terror and anxiety there will be at the great scene of the Final Judgment! The miraculous trumpets of

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