Thomas à Kempis

Thomas à Kempis (1380-1471) was a German-Dutch author and theologian of the late Medieval period.  He is best remembered for his classic on the devotional life known as The Imitation of Christ, available from TAN Books.


Freedom of Heart According to My Imitation of Christ

A Pure and Entire Resignation of Ourselves for Obtaining Freedom of Heart Christ: Son, leave thyself and thou shalt find Me. Stand without choice or any self-seeking, and thou shalt always gain. For greater grace shall always be added to thee irrevocably once thou has given up thyself. Disciple: Lord, how often shall I resign…


From the Imitation of Christ: Amendment of Life

The Fervent Amendment of Our Whole Life Be vigilant and diligent in God’s service, and often consider to what end thou camest hither, and why thou didst leave the world: Was it not that thou mightst live for God and become a spiritual man? Be fervent, therefore, in thy spiritual progress, for thou shalt shortly…


Lenten Meditation on the Cross

To many this seems a hard saying: “Deny thyself, take up thy cross, and follow Jesus” (Matt. 16:24). But it will be much harder to hear that last word: “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire” (Matt. 25:41). For they who now willingly hear and follow the word of the cross shall not then…


A Prayer for Detachment from All Earthly Things by Thomas à Kempis

Lord Jesus Christ, you alone are my hope and my refuge.  You are my best solace in times of trouble and my trusted guide in times of perplexity and uncertainty.  Therefore, today, I renounce all things in this passing world for the sake of your love.  I earnestly aspire to fulfill this resolution to the…


Thomas à Kempis on Prayer

How We Are to Be Disposed and What We Are to Say When We Desire Anything CHRIST: My son, say this on every occasion: Lord, if it be pleasing to Thee let this be done in this manner. Lord, if it be to Thy honor let this be done in Thy name. Lord, if Thou…


Humility As the Foundation of All Virtues

“Learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart,” says the Lord (Matthew 11:29). Our highest teacher and lawgiver, Jesus Christ, urged us to learn the virtue of humility. For whoever cultivates this marvelous virtue will quickly arrive at spiritual perfection. But without humility, no amount of study of Sacred Scripture or theology,…