The Atheistic Manifesto of Freemasonry

Upon great social movements, upon discontented populations, upon corruption, distraction, and contention, they [freemasons] rely to bring their one redoubted enemy, the Catholic Church, to what they call the tomb. There are few people on earth more concerned with this fact than the Irish people.

The Irish people are now found not only in Ireland, but outside Ireland in large centers of industry, where the action of the International Association of Workmen, and other kindred working men’s associations, have most influence. It must be borne in mind that the amelioration in the condition of the working man is never attempted by the International without coupling with it the strongest hatred for Christianity. Nothing proves more clearly its origin and its connection with the Supreme Directory of the Cosmopolitan Atheistic Conspiracy against religion and order than this one fact. In 1870, the society had on its rolls ten millions of members. Its numbers have yearly increased since. At the famous International Congress, held in Geneva in 1868, it formulated the following declaration, which has since been more than once acted on by its members on the Continent:


The object of the International Association of Workmen, as of every other Socialist Association, is to do away with the parasite and the pariah. Now, what parasite can be compared to the priest who takes away the pence of the poor and of the widow by means of lying. What outcast more miserable than the Christian Pariah. Preface xci God and Christ, these citizen-Providences have been at all times the armor of Capital and the most sanguinary enemies of the working classes. It is owing to God and to Christ that we remain to this day in slavery. It is by deluding us with lying hopes that the priests have caused us to accept all the sufferings of this earth. It is only after sweeping away all religion, and after tearing up even to the last roots every religious idea, Christian and every other whatsoever, that we can arrive at our political and social idea. Let Jesus look after his heaven. We believe only in humanity. It would be but to fail in all our duties were we to cease, even for a second, to pursue the monsters who have tortured us. Down, then, with God and with Christ! Down with the despots of heaven and earth! Death to the priests! Such is the motto of our grand Crusade.

This address gives the true spirit and aim of the International League, which has emissaries everywhere striving to decoy working men into secret-society intrigues. In America it has already led Irish Catholic laborers into lamentable excesses. It has under its control some seemingly laudable benefit societies which it uses as a means to draw Catholics gradually from the influence of the Church. The necessity therefore of being prepared for its efforts must be evident to everyone.

This article is taken from a chapter in The War of the Antichrist by Monsignor George F. Dillon, which is available from TAN Books.

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