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The Four Marian Dogmas

The Manual for Marian Devotion nourishes readers with theology, prayers, and spiritual aids that will deepen love for Mary. In this excerpt, the four Marian dogmas are explained, highlighting their theological significance and Mary’s role in salvation history. 

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Unveil the extraordinary truth of Mary as the Mother of God on our site. Explore her unique exemption from the fate of mortals and her eternal life in heavenly glory.

Meditations on Mary

“Most Favored Daughter” and “The Sinless Mother” are two meditations on Mary by Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman. Here he reflects on the abundant favor Mary received from God.

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Discover the profound love of Saint Joseph for his immaculate spouse in "The Imitation of Saint Joseph." Written by Father Matthew Kauth, this insightful and meditative encounter with the foster father of Christ is a masterful work of devotion.

The Burning Love Of Mary And Joseph

The Imitation of Saint Joseph is a masterful and meditative encounter with the foster father of Christ, written with devout care and insight by Father Matthew Kauth. Here, he chronicles the burning love of Saint Joseph for his spotless spouse.

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Learn about the special bond between Our Lady and Saint Joseph in The Imitation of Saint Joseph by Fr. Matthew Kauth.

St. Joseph From The Eyes Of Our Lady

Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception was given the singular grace to become the Mother of God. Yet, God desired to bless his beloved daughter with another gift. In these excerpts from The Imitation of Saint Joseph, Fr. Matthew Kauth reflects on the profound gift Mary received in her betrothal to Saint Joseph. He describes St. Joseph as the best of men, chosen by God, and “the perfect gift” for Our Lady.

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Discover the captivating vision of the Apocalypse as described by John the Evangelist. Explore the website's insights on a woman adorned with the sun, moon, and twelve stars. Unveil the mysteries of the past.

Discourse On Mary’s Immaculate Conception

Great indeed was the injury entailed on Adam and all his posterity by his accursed sin; for at the same time that he thereby, for his own great misfortune, lost grace, he also forfeited all the other precious gifts with which he had originally been enriched, and drew down upon himself and all his descendants the hatred of God and an accumulation of evils.

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