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Immerse yourself in the profound journey of Christ's Passion with The Road to Calvary. Experience St. Alphonsus Liguori's powerful meditations on Jesus's suffering, inspiring true contrition and sorrow. Join the daily Lenten pilgrimage now.

The Saints Praise The Rule Of St. Benedict

The Rule of Saint Benedict has formed countless saints since it was written. Its effectiveness as a means to holiness is here attested to by various great saints of the Church. These excerpts have been taken from The Cross and Medal of Saint Benedict: A Mystical Sign of Divine Power.

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Discover the essence of a Monk's life, resembling a perpetual Lent. Embrace purity and cleanse past negligence during this sacred season. Join us now.

St. Benedict On The Observance Of Lent

A Monk’s life should at all times resemble a continual Lent, but few have such virtue.

Thus, we encourage everyone during Lent to live in all purity, and during this holy season to wash away all the negligences of other times.

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