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War Within the Soul

Let us endeavor to do our best: beware of the poisonous reptiles— that is to say, the bad thoughts and aridities which are often permitted

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Four Ends of Prayer

Spiritual writers often distinguish between four ends of prayer, that is, four reasons why one may go to prayer. They are usually articulated as: Adoration, Thanksgiving,

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The Golden Hail Mary

One of the great women of the Catholic Church, Saint Gertrude the Great, born in Germany in the year 1256, was a Benedictine mystic, writer,

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Devotion and Dryness

Sensible devotion is sometimes produced by dispositions of our nature, sometimes by artifices of the devil, and sometimes by an influx of grace. You may

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Wisdom is something which we all naturally value, desire, and seek in this present life. Yet our wisdom in this present life, even for the

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The Daughters of Sloth

“The sins that sprout forth from sloth are contempt for commands, and because one throws himself into the prey of vice, he despairs of doing

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